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Antalya Bilim University


Antalya Bilim University, (formerly Antalya International University) is the second university and first foundation university established in Antalya on 21 July 2010. Antalya Bilim University was established by Gaye Education Health Sports and Environment Foundation. Rector of the university who started to take the students for 2012-13 education period Prof. Dr. Ismail Yüksek. Turkey is the first and only international university. It will be composed of 6 faculties (Economic & Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Tourism, Law, Communication and Fine Arts & Architecture), 4 colleges (Civil Aviation, Foreign Languages, Justice Vocational College and Vocational College) and 2 institutes (Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Technology and Sciences). Antalya Bilim University gave his first graduation in 2017. It is currently serving with a rectorate, a faculty building and a dormitory building on the central campus with a preparatory department and a master’s degree in the city settlement.


International Relations Office of Antalya Bilim University

Antalya Bilim University Computer Engineering Department

Antalya Bilim University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

Technology Transfer Office of Antalya Bilim University

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