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Internship Support Program 2022

Internship Support Program 2022

The objectives of the Chamber of Computer Engineers are defined in the Main Regulations of BMO and 5. Applications for the “Internship Place Support Program”, which it continues to implement in accordance with the Semester Work Program, have started for 2022.

Computer Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Computer and Informatics Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Computer and Control Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Software Engineering and information on studying in the Department of BMO-the youngest member support through an internship program for the benefit of Students, Students develop themselves in areas of professional interest, internship is intended to create added value to their organizations and institutions to find.

How Does the Program Work?

Applications of student members and institutions are collected until the specified date. The BMO Education Commission evaluates the applications and makes the necessary matching. The result of the matching is announced to institutions and students; workplaces are contacted by trainee candidates who are referred to them.

The internship quota is limited to the internship positions provided by the establishments. Student applications can only be evaluated at the rate of the quota that has been formed.

Schedule Schedule

February 25, 2022: Deadline for students to apply
March 14, 2022: Announcement of first group matches
April 29, 2022: The deadline for requests for workplaces
May 9, 2022: Announcement of the second group of matches
May October 16, 2022: Announcement of additional placements

Priority Criteria for Matching

1. Students in graduation status
2. Students in the upper class
3. Provincial preferences
4. Field preferences

Application Forms

For Students:Intern Application Form
For Workplaces:Trainee Request Form