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Designing a Smart Data Delivery Framework For the Future Internet

Supported by: TÜBİTAK 3001 Initial R&D Projects Support Program

Abstract: Our vision of the future Internet is to facilitate a reliable and application-aware data delivery that, in addition to satisfying the application requirements, will react according to the internet infrastructure and/or user (subscriber) preferences. To do so, a large amount of information in terms of storage, processing and transfer must be gathered and better utilized. We will require optimized data delivery frameworks that enable efficient in-network data dissemination for fast/cost efficient data access. This would necessitate newly devised platforms consisting of the most-up-to-date enabling technologies to be utilized in such future Internet.
Unfortunately, current Internet data delivery approaches do not cope with several aspects of new emerging applications and user expectations. A central goal in the design of the future internet is to provide widely flexible and diverse data reachability in the future internet. Classical approaches that have been proposed and recently applied are based on old fashion host-centric network architectures and communication protocols. Thus, these approaches remain limited in terms of data retrieval time and availability because the end users keep calling data by its hosting device. In order to overcome this limitation, versatile data sources, such as smart cellular phones, Radio Frequency Identification systems (RFIDs), smart tag and sensors on roads, vehicles, buildings and living spaces shall be utilized in providing a data-centric network backhaul in the future internet. Towards this end, integrated enabling technologies have to be adopted in innovative data-centric architectures and communication protocols.
Our research will investigate innovative integrated platforms and data delivery techniques to satisfy the variety of the emerging applications’ requirements and user expectations in terms of interoperability, resource management and pricing. It will significantly contribute to the global efforts of developing techniques and tools for the commercially-viable communication systems of the future Internet. The outcomes of our research program will consist of novel algorithms, new architectures and deployment strategies. Also it will include the potential for patents, software packages and publications.



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