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OBSS Code Master 2022

OBSS Code Master 2022

Don’t you think it would be great for your career to attend an eight-week summer school program at Stanford University or have the financial support you need for a similar development plan? If you are looking forward to knowing more as you learn, generating new ideas as you know, and sharing every new idea with those around you, we can say that you are not far from this dream. Because this is a common feature of minds that cannot fit in a container, and Code Master is an event organized for these minds! If you are confident in your engineering talent, join our event and get the opportunity to show this talent to hundreds or even thousands of people who have the same passion as you!


Our Code Master event, which we organized in order to improve the engineering abilities and skills of prospective engineer students, will be held online on March 5 this year with the participation of Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Software Engineering students throughout Turkey.


Effective date: March 5, 2022

Event Location: Online

Application Process: You can access information about the application and event details by clicking on the image below on our website.  ( Application)